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BiodivMapR: package R for diversity mapping.

BiodivMapR: an R package for mapping α and β diversity using remotely sensed images.
BiodivMaR is an R package dedicated to diversity mapping, with the computation of a set of diversity indices from optical imagery, including imaging spectroscopy and multispectral satellite images including Sentinel-2 data. the package was initially developed for tropical forest monitoring, but its use for broader types of ecosystems showed promising results. the method used to produce the diversity indices follows the Spectral Variation Hypothesis, and these indices led to good agreement with ground observations corresponding to forest inventories.
The diversity indices correspond to α‐ and β‐diversity components, and allow mapping Shannon index and Bray-Curtis dissimilarity.

Jean-Baptiste Féret & Florian de Boissieu

Developers of the R package
Instructions for installation and a tutorial for biodivMapR are available on gitHub and the package is introduced in a recent issue of Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Jean-Baptiste Féret & Florian de Boissieu have developed an R package to produce biodiversity maps from remote sensing images, especially from Sentinel-2 data.