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BioDispersal is a QGIS 3 plugin 3

BioDispersal is a QGIS plugin that allows you to model ecological continuities by calculating potential dispersion areas based on the permeability of environments.
Its purpose is to compute ecological continuities based on environments permeability and animals potential dispersal areas. BioDispersal has been designed as a 7-steps plugin from raw data preprocessing to the final dispersal areas computation.
Parameters settings can be saved to and loaded from a configuration file.

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BioDispersal - Installation
BioDispersal requires QGIS 3.4 (or superior version) and GRASS. Go to plugins menu, Install/manage plugins, type BioDispersal and click on Install button.
A dear icon should appear. Otherwise, it is available in plugins menu.
Below is an example of dispersal map created by BioDispersal
BioDispersal has been developped by UMR TETIS - IRSTEA, on mission for the French ecological network resource center (driven by French ministry of ecology).