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2-year Post-doctoral O er Multi-layer reconstruction of 3D point clouds : Application to forest 3D structure and biodiversity metrics extraction using airborne LiDAR and multispectral images.

Workplace : IGN - Lab LaSTIG - Team ACTE 73 avenue de Paris 94165 Saint Mandé 

Motivation and background : The project aims to produce a ne description of 3D vegetation structure in forested areas and to produce a ne mapping of species in order to derive forest biodiversity metrics.
These metrics are related to the complexity of vegetation structure and spatial patterns of species.
This ne characterization will allow us

1) to better model the forest micro-climate taking into account the spatial patterns of vegetation structure,
2) to study the relationship between observed vegetation biodiversity and derived biodiversity metrics that describes the 3D structure complexity.

The characterization of the 3D structure of vegetation and, in particular, the di erent layers of vertical strati cation and the leaf area present in each of these strata, is essential for modeling relationships with microclimatic variables or biodiversity variables (Huang et al., 2014, Davies and Asner 2014). 
Currently, this characterization remains very rough and imprecise and does not measure the full complexity of forest ecosystems.
The LiDAR tool has recently been exploited to provide variables related to both the vertical and the horizontal structure of vegetation. From a methodological point of view, the characterization of the vertical structure of the forest consists in detecting the presence of the di erent strata and characterizing their physical properties such as height, thickness and spatial extent (Ferraz et al. 2016) ...

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