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MER 31 

Café doctorant, présenté par Milo MONNIER (IRSTEA) intitulé :

"A network-based approach to assess urban food supply resilience: the case of Montpellier supply in tomatoes"

De 11h30 à 12h00, en salle SALTUS.  

Résumé :

In a context of developing food relocation strategies, there is a growing interest in urban food supply, and recently in terms of resilience. Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) are often mentioned as a way to improve it: by supporting local agriculture and strengthening social ties, this decentralized model can be a resilience factor for supply networks, and food systems in a broader sense.
However, its development requires more effort from actors, especially producers, to deliver food, and can lead to an inefficient network. Conversely, centralization through intermediaries can improve network efficiency, but can also lead to hub dependence, which may be a vulnerability factor: a hub failure, in case of targeted attack for example, can lead to severe network disruption.
Through the example of the Montpellier supply network in tomatoes, we emphasize this trade-off between resilience and efficiency which usually characterizes supply networks. We use associated metrics to compare the observed to theoretical situations exacerbating opposed trends.
These scenarios obtained by rewiring allow us to position our network in a space of possibilities.