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A 14h00, en salle Silva-Ager.

Jerome Pasquet (MCF UPV) du laboratoire TETIS proposera un séminaire sur :
Titre : VITO Remote Sensing, see the bigger picture.

Presenter’s profile: Ing. Bruno Smets graduated as an MSC in Electronics Engineering. Bruno worked with teams across the world in the field of multimedia processing in the digital as well as the mobile domain. Bruno has gained experience in software engineering ranging from small to large systems in sound and image processing and participated in international standardization bodies.
He leads the Copernicus Global Land Service and automates workflows (LAI/fAPAR, NDVI, Land Cover, Phenology) into an operational production environment, applying state-of-the-art technologies (Hadoop Spark, ElasticSearch) using a diverse set of Earth Observation sources (Proba-V, Sentinel-2, MODIS). More recently he started looking into ecosystem services and natural capital accounting.

Description : As a part of VITO, an independent research and technology leader, VITO Remote Sensing offers expertise, knowledge, data, services and solutions in Earth observation. From user needs to technology and end-to-end EO support, VITO Remote Sensing provides the insights for diverse applications such as agriculture, vegetation, water & coast, climate, security and infrastructure.
Cette présentation se tiendra dans le cadre de la formation organisée toute cette semaine à la MTD par l’Agence Européenne de l’Environnement pour 6 pays de l’Est européen (Ukraine, Moldavie, Georgie, Azerbaïdjan, Biélorussie et Arménie) sur « Environmental accounting and hands on data for indicator production on integrated approach".